Day 5 Happy Holidays Google Logo Goes Into Outer Space

At about 12:15 am, Google continued it’s 2009 Happy Holiday logos‘ series by adding an outer space theme’d post card, along with a peace sign on the moon.  Is this the last day we’ll see the Holiday Google logos, making it an official “5 days of Christmas” series?

Today’s logo seems to celebrate not only the advancement of technology, the perhaps also how technology – in the spirit of Christmas – can “give back” to universal peace throughout the world.

It’s always hard to tell how long Google will continue with it’s custom logo series.  My guess is that Google was running the 5 day’s of Christmas logos, and we will not see anymore custom logos.  But I guess we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

Here’s the previous 4 days of 2009 Happy Holiday Google logos:

Day 1 Holiday Google Logo:

Day 2 Holiday Google Logo:

Day 3 Holiday Google Logo:

Day 4 Holiday Google Logo:

  • Coby

    I think its a really nice series. But I am very disappointed in Google that for Christmas Eve and Christmas they couldn't do a custom logo page for Christmas itself, rather than a generic holiday logo. They had no problem creating a custom banner for Charles Darwins birthday, but I guess its not pc to do one for Jesus' Birthday. Have a very Merry Christmas everybody!

    • Hi Coby – thanks for commenting and I agree – Jesus' birthday should have the greatest Google logo of all…

      Thanks again Coby – I appreciate you reading and commenting.