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*Shocker* Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Facility – Obama Speaking Below

iran-nuclear-weaponsHere’s a shocking piece of news that just broke – Iran has confirmed they have secret nuclear facility.

Below is the video of President Barack Obama speaking at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh announcing the news about Iran’s nuclear program.

So my question is this:  what do we as a country, and the world as a whole, do about this recent discovery?  It’s going to be an interesting story to follow for sure, and I’m willing to bet that Isreal is already taking preparation action with the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) .

What do you think about Iran’s announcement?  And how do you think the world, and the US, should respond?

4 replies on “*Shocker* Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Facility – Obama Speaking Below”

When iran gets nuclear weapons in hand, they will use them. Don’t be fooled! They have already told the world what they are going to do. WAKE UP! Iran is led by radical, crazy people that are going to literally set the world on fire because they believe islam/allah wants them to. They will hit israel and the US without thinking twice. They don’t care if they die in the process. They train their own kids to be suicide bombers. Do you think they are scared of dying? Destroy iran and their capability to wage war NOW. Before it’s too late and the WEAK ‘politically correct’ morons have led us to our deaths in the name of not offending anyone…

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