Lawrence Taylor Arrested, Lawrence Taylor Rapes 15 Yr Old Girl

Lawrence Taylor Arrested, Lawrence Taylor Raped 15 Yr Old Girl

News Conference Schedule for 3PM Today

Lawrence Taylor was arrested in a Rockland hotel overnight and is facing a felony rape charges.

As it goes with news breaks, this one is perhaps one of the more shocking ones I’ve seen lately. The NYTimes is reporting that “the former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was arrested early Thursday morning and will be charged with third-degree rape involving a 15-year-old girl at a hotel in Montebello, N.Y., according to police.”

Lawrence Taylor, who is 51 years old and the former New York Giants linebacker, was taken into custody by Ramapo police at a Holiday Inn off Airmont Road, Ramapo Police Detective Lt. Brad Weidel said.

According to LoHud, Taylor was being held in the town police lockup pending arraignment in Ramapo Justice Court this afternoon. One of the charges being considered is third-degree rape, a charge that involves having intercourse with a minor.

“She was a runaway since March and there was a pimp involved,” The NYTimes stated, “She got punched in the face. We’re not sure who did it.”

The police have scheduled a news conference for 3 p.m. to discuss the case, and have said Mr. Taylor will be arraigned on third-degree rape charges this afternoon because the victim is a minor.

All I know is that Lawrence Taylor is obviously in a lot of trouble, and unfortunately for him, these allegations seem to be very substantiated with evidence – not to mention what the 15 year old girl is saying about the whole thing.

I don’t think that all the money in the world is going to help Lawrence Taylor out of this one – and rightly so.

I would say that Lawrence Taylor is in the same classification as Ben Roethlisberger when it comes to imposing themselves on unwilling victims.

But this incident with Lawrence Taylor seems like a more “open and shut” case – regardless of whether or not he says the victim was willing to have sexual relations. Since she is 15 years old, Lawrence Taylor is looking at 3rd degree rape – period.