Al-Qaida Iraq chief vows blood-soaked days

Al-Qaida Iraq chief vows blood-soaked days

The new leader of Al-Qaida Irag  warned Shiites, “Dark days soaked with blood” lie ahead and that a new campaign of attacks was under way.

Not long after the threat a car bomb exploded outside a Shiite mosque south of Baghdad just after prayers, wounding 20 worshippers as they were leaving, according to local police.  There are fears that with the new rounds of attacks, mostly targeting Shiites, Al-Qaida is hoping to provoke a backlash against Sunnis and re-ignite the sectarian warfare that brought the country to the brink of civil war.

Abu Suleiman, the newly elected Islamic State of Iraq minister or war”  promised to “continue the path of jihad” and said his warriors had already begun “a new campaign of attacks on security and military checkpoints in Baghdad and elsewhere.”  Abu Suleiman replaced Egyptian Abu Ayyub al-Masri, killed in a U.S.-Iraqi military  strike on a safe house in April.

“Wait for the long gloomy nights and dark days soaked with blood,” said Abu Suleiman, “What is happening to you nowadays is just a drizzle.” The message was posted on militant websites Friday.

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