Old Navy Flip Flops Sale

One day Wonder! Prepare to visit Gap Old Navy store near your location today. On this Saturday May 22‎ 2010, Gap (GPS), will sell Women’s Classic Flip-Flops for $1 a pair and get 2 pairs printed classic/pyramid-embossed for $5. There’s a limit for this Old Navy sale, this sale limit of five pairs per customer. Check all your faves color and choose the best fit with you for this summer at Old Navy Store.

Old Navy Store Hours & Location

Lots of Old Navy stores will open in the early hours for the sale, some open at 7.00am. Find Old Navy store near your location as well as the store hours at the site, and contact the store to make sure your faves type and size available. Online store also give special offer, get 15% off plus free shipping when you spend $75 or more, please enter the promo code “ONCAMP15” on checkout. This promo code valid only 2 days, Starts 5/22/10 and ends 5/23/10. Happy Shopping!

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