New York To Host Super Bowl XLVIII

image452603919.jpgIt’s official, the Big Apple will host Super Bowl 48 in 2014. It took a while, but after the 4th vote New York won the bid. This is historical because this will be the first time that the Super Bowl will be played in a cold climate venue. In the past the big game has always been played in a warm weather city, or one that had a dome stadium.
How will this effect the largest one day sporting event in the world? It’s safe to say that there won’t be an empty seat in the house, but what about everything else? I for one think that Super Bowl week festivities will definitely have a much different feel. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was a huge supporter of New York mentioning the new stadium and the passionate football fans as enticing reasons for the choice. I am very interested to hear fan reaction and fall out over this historical decision.

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  1. R J Brady

    Super Bowl games are better played in warm weather.


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