First Juice & the FDA

First Juice and the FDA.

Earlier we told you how the Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on corporations that promote their products by making “health” claims in their advertising and labeling.

Well, the maker of First Juice has found itself in the cross-hairs of the FDA’s scope.

Recently, the FDA sent First Juice a notification citing the company about its claim their product contains 50 percent less sugar than 100 percent apple juice.  The agency said that claim is not approved for products aimed at children under the age of 2 years.

The First Juice founder, David Glasser says that babies should consume less-sweet foods and drinks to prime them for low-sweet diets.  He said that the FDA’s regulation is archaic and is seeking to have the agency remove it.

Glasser pointed out that other companies  market products with similar claims.  He noted that Gerber and Mott’s market 100 percent juice, but it seems that he is the only one willing to take on the agency.

First Juice also promotes it product as “BPA Free” and organic, and contains vitamins A, C, D, and Calcium.