Ninja Master, Euro Pro Prep Blender and Food Processor

Ninja Master, Euro Pro Prep Blender and Food Processor.

Rule the kitchen with the Ninja Master Prep!

Well, that’s what the promotional information says.  But, I don’t know about the ruling the kitchen statement.

The first place that I saw the “Ninja” was while strolling around the local Sam’s Club for my usual lunch-time browsing of the “sampling booths” (Don’t be so pious.  You know you do it too.) The device looked impressive in the display, and I liked the preparation container’s volume compared to the Magic Bullet (Which, by the way, we use everyday at our house.)

The Ninja offers all the “bennies” of a traditional blender, a food processor, and a stick blender all in one device.  It boasts a powerful 400-watt motor which puts the power in your hands with an ergonomic power pod with one-touch pulsing for maximum control and consistent results.  The pod lets you move quickly from the blending pitcher to the food processing bowl for uniform cutting, blending, and ice crushing  for whatever you’re preparing.

The one-touch pulsing lets you mince, dice, chop, or puree with ease.

It is a 48-ounce blender and 2-cup food processor.  Uses a quad blade technology for uniform cutting and ice crushing action.  It offers a splash-guard and non-slip bases on the blender and food processor components.  And the blender and food processor are  removable parts which are dishwasher-safe.

A couple of days later, I pointed out the Ninja to my wife who seemed to be impressed with the appliance.  I then purchased the unit for a surprise gift for her.

When we took the appliance out of the box we couldn’t wait to see if it would challenge our Magic Bullet and become the smoothie maker of choice.  The machine did exactly as it was promoted to do, but there was a problem.  We were able to use the unit only three times (and used exactly as the manual directed it to be used).

On the fourth time my wife noticed that the blades were not spinning although the motor was turning.  When I removed the power pod head, I noticed that the nylon/plastic cam on the end of the motor shaft was completely rounded off and the tops of the blade shafts were likewise rounded off.  (The motor shaft cam mates with the tops of the blade shafts).

Although the motor is powerful and the blender and food-processor containers are well made, the blade shaft and the motor cam are poorly made.  The blade shaft barely fits into the end of the motor shaft.  When you are trying to process or blend ice or slightly firm food items, the blade does not begin to spin as fast as the motor does.  Because the motor continues to spin and the blade does not, the “edges” of the blade shaft begin to become deformed and they end up grinding the inside mating surface of the motor shaft cam away.

Another thing, I went on line to Euro Pro trying to find replacement parts for our Ninja, but all that they offer is a new set of blades for around 15 dollars, and a replacement of the whole motor pod for as much as a completely new unit cost in the box.  Euro Pro has to date never responded to my request for help.

The idea behind the Ninja is great, but the machine is no where nearly as good as our Magic Bullet.  Personally, I would not recommend you wasting your money on this device.  Until they redesign the blade shafts and the motor drive cams you will get (probably) less than a year of use from your appliance.