Tropical Storm Agatha in Central America

Tropical Storm Agatha in Central America

Central American authorities say Agatha kills at least 83 people and more than 80.000 people, mostly Guatemalan, have fled their homes. The spokesman for Guatemala’s disaster said people were killed by torrential rains, Agatha was hit in the region as a tropical storm before dissipating. Agatha start struck Mexico at about 21:00 GMT on 29 May 2010 and continue to Guatemala in a few hours. Check TSR (Tropical Storm Risk) page for Tropical Depression AGATHA Path update.

According to Reuters

At least 83 people died in Guatemala, President Alvaro Colom told a news conference on Sunday night.

“We have suffered many personal misfortunes … but from now we enter a transition stage where we attend to the people in the shelters,” Colom said.

US and Columbia offered to send aircraft to help with evacuations of storm-hit areas.

“This system is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 10 to 20 inches over extreme southeastern Mexico, Guatemala and much of El Salvador with possible isolated maximum amounts of 30 inches throughout tonight,” the Miami-based US National Hurricane Center said.

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