Multi – Bagger Pharma Stocks Under The Radar: KERX, SNSS, CPRX, DVAX

NASDAQ:KERX – Keryx Biopharmaceuticals – Some analysts claim this stock could be bigger than Dendreon Corp DNDN. There is a possibility it could. A $30 + price tag is within reach for this stock.
NASDAQ: SNSS – Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Voreloxin clinical data might just be a success. I still like this stock for the long term. And willing to bet against the crowd.
NASDAQ:CPRX – Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc. – The company’s drug addiction drug could  stun investors when the company announces success in clinical trials. Insider accumulation of shares is a great indicator of a possible success in their lead drug CPP-109.
NASDAQ:DVAX – Dynavax Technologies Corporation – Hepatitis B vaccine HEPLISAV could be a great revenue producer for this company. I am willing to bet this will be a $7+ by year end.