iPhone 4G a.k.a HD renders with iPhone OS 4.0 Before The Release Date

As reported from french gadgets blog, nowhereelse, here is the new iPhone 4G renders with iPhone OS 4.0. We have talk about iPhone 4G release date, the rumors out there also said iPhone 4G will announced at WWDC 2010 held in San Francisco on June 7th. Before the next generation launched, let’s take a look at this pictures. From the blog, all 3D modelling using Rhino and Maxwell 3D software, based on the iPhone 4G prototype model that was leaked by Gizmodo last April.

Source: nowhereelse

What do you think? Will iPhone 4G comes with iPhone OS 4.0? Will Steve Jobs make the rumors about the next generation come true at WWDC 2010? Lets wait until another 4 days aways.