TWIX Triple Chocolate Limited Edition.

TWIX Triple Chocolate Limited Edition.

I love chocolate.  Not too many folks don’t.  Although I’m not a huge fan of “dark” chocolate,  I sure do love the milk chocolate, especially milk chocolate covered raisins.  If I could figure out how to put them in an IV, I’d run around town with a pole in tow.

To help folks like me satisfy their chocolate junkie urges, Mars Candies has introduced another addition to their TWIX line.  It’s the new TWIX Triple Chocolate Cookie Bars, the latest limited-edition offering from Mars Chocolate North America.  (The key phrase here is “limited-edition”)

The candy bar features a chocolate cookie topped with chocolate caramel and covered in TWIX brand milk chocolate.  (Mmmmmmm….chok…lit!)

The candy snack is kosher-certified and has a suggested retail price of 89 cents for a 1.79-ounce single pack of two bars.  (Just two bars…how dare they!?!)

Mars Chocolate North America,
Hackettstown, N.J.
(908) 852-1000;