Taliban Kills Child Spy

Taliban militants hung a 7 year old child, on Tuesday, because they felt he was a spy.  Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghan, said that they are researching the report and he feels that claiming a 7 year old boy is a spy is horrific.  Other world leaders are also agreeing that it is impossible to believe that 7 year old child could possibly be a spy.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Taliban has executed a child for the crime of spying.  A child, as well as a 70 year old woman, was executed three years ago because of accusations of being spies.  It is common practice for Taliban militants to execute children, women, farmers, and teachers in order to gain control over the local people.

Most locals are claiming the militants are not local but foreigners and they typically target relatives of individuals who sympathize with or support the government.  They also target individuals who have any level of power in their communities.  Their hope is to scare the local population into not backing the government and working with the militant groups.