Blackberry 9670 Flip With Blackberry OS 6.0

New Blackberry 9670 clamshell flip design video published on YouTube. The video published for the first time by Driphter, and confirm this Blackberry clamshell using CDMA network. Over to new Blackberry OS 6.0 the page confirms Blackberry OS 6.0 with customizable icons on the home screen, plus the addition of the new search tool on the top. Blackberry 9670 equipped with new 5MP Camera, Wi-Fi connection, a little internal display (360×480) and Huge external display. Blackberry clamshell also comes with Bluetooth connection and microSD slot for internal storage and using metallic finish casing.

According to Driphter

  • It has built in functionality for touch screen options. My guess from layout is that the front screen on the flip will become touch functional for viewing messages, controlling media, etc.
  • Yes, it is CDMA, but you’d be surprised what the network says…
  • The keyboard is nice, not as raised as the 9630/9650, but raised and not flat.
  • There is a lot of “wasted” space around the keyboard and home buttons.

Unfortunately the Blackberry 9670 video has been removed by YouTube due to terms of use violation, but we have the pictures and Blackberry OS 6.0 below. Hit the jump for both images and video, be sure to leave a comment about this Blackberry clamshell and OS 6.

Blackberry OS 6.0

Blackberry 9670 Pictures

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