Landon Donovan Helps USA Soccer Advance to Knockout Round

Landon Donovan’s stoppage time goal was enough to propel the United States into the round of 16 today in Pretoria, South Africa. It seemed as though the USA was on the brink of elimination when Donovan scored off of a Clint Dempsey rebound during the first minute of added injury time. The USA came won their group for the first time since 1930 by posting a record of 1-0-2.  As the final horn sounded the US cleared the bench and continued onto the field creating a huge pile of bodies all of which were celebrating on of the most important victories in US soccer history. Controversy would have clouded the US and the officiating had the US not have won this game. Another goal during the 21′ minute by Clint Dempsey was disallowed after a questionable off-sides infraction. The USA were able to persevere and not let that disappointment hold them back. Nearly one hour after the conclusion of the match many of the American fans remained in the stadium cheering and celebrating this monumental victory. Following the match star player Landon Donovan exclaimed “We’re not done yet, we’re still alive baby!”

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