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LeBron James; All Clues Lead to New York

Ok so who is Jared Dudley? He is the guy who sent what I call ” the tweet heard ’round the world!” The Phoenix Suns forward tweeted that his sources tell him that LeBron James will be a New York Knick. After that the official twitter page of the t.v. show Espn First Take retweeted his statement and it spread like wild fire. They subsequently erased the retweet, but the damage had already been done. Close friend of the two time league MVP Chad Ochocinco also tweeted “Empire State of Mind” earlier today as to maybe giving fans a clue as to Lebron’s next move. What about CNBC’s Darren Rovell tweeting the following; “Market definitely going with LeBron to Knicks. Stock is now up 7%. MSG shares trading 5x their average volume. Either they know something we don’t know or the boys on Wall St. are gambling more than Artie Lange at the Borgota. James will make his announcement in Greenwich, Conneticut which is only a 15 minute drive to the Knicks training facility in Greenburgh, New York. The talking heads are disgusted with the attention that he is receiving, but the fact that he donating the advertisement money to the Boys and Girls club is an outstanding idea. Kudos to you LeBron. If New York it is, then

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