All Business: Going bananas over a sticker contest!

Once in a while, an idea comes along in the business world that supplants the daily grind with something daring and fun.  Not a maniacal-laughter-evil-hand-rubbing kind of fun, but the kind of fun that brings back great memories of years gone by with a new twist.  From the first company to brand a banana, Chiquita Brands International, Inc. is wrapping up its Banana Sticker Design Contest July 18, 2010.  That’s only ten more days to submit your sticker design artwork to compete in the contest!


As a kid, I can remember the excitement I felt peeling off banana stickers at the grocery store and then sticking them onto anything I could, usually my face or my brothers’ faces.  At the time, bananas were, well, bananas –  but the stickers made me feel differently about the bananas Mom was buying that day.  I could tell if one sticker was different than another, usually because the logo colors were blue or green or red, or the outline colors or sticker shapes were different.  I also remember liking the way the “words” on some stickers looked better than others.

Now fast forward to the present.  By today’s standards, brands matter a great deal, from major corporations to small businesses.   It’s your identity, an iconic symbol of your company’s name, product or mission that sets it apart from competitors.  And its no small matter that a globally successful company like Chiquita would sponsor a contest that encourages consumers to engage with their highly recognizable brand – and re-design it!  For contest rules, prize information, or to vote for your favorite design,  check out

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