Amazon’s New Kindle E-Reader, It’s Not ‘Kindle 3’

Amazon is taking a new approach to their Kindle e-reader, and let me say first that no, Amazon did not call it the Kindle 3. Although it is not the 3rd generation Kindle e-reader, Amazing stayed with the standard name Kindle – just “new”. But perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of the new Kindle reader is the price! Kindle’s new reader comes in at a more affordable $139. So does this price allow Amazon to now reach a whole new audience of e-reader customers?

Some of the major changes in this update – an improved display, better performance, smarter ergonomics, and lighter overall weight. Mainly, the feedback so far with Amazon’s new Kindle is that it is now super fast. No more lag in turning the pages.

Here’s some pricing of the new Amazon Kindle:

Wifi only $139

WiFi & 3G comes in at $189

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Source: PC World