INDR, RPPR, CMGR, HLNT, BEHL, QOIL – Top 6 Stocks to Watch

PINK: INDR — Indie Ranch Media, Inc. – Could be the hottest stock this week with a .001 short term price target. The buyout rumor could be the alpha catalyst that could drive this stock higher INDR is a strong buy!

PINK: RPPR — AquaStar Holdings, Inc. – Could still have some gas left in its tank to continue higher.

PINK: CMGR — Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. – After an impressive 8000% trading session last week we think the game is up and traders are moving on to the next one. With an 11 billion outstanding share structure we think this stock has nowhere to go now but down.

PINK:HLNT — Highline Technical Innovations. Inc. – Current prices will be a thing of the past once we resume trading on Tuesday. This is a hot stock to watch for pennyland as but a stone throw away.

PINK:BEHL — Biocentric Energy Holdings, Inc. – We think this stock could be headed higher for the company could have hang their dilution boots and are ready to reward its shareholders.
PINK:QOIL — Quest Oil Corp. – A bottom bouncer that rewarded traders in a most generous manner on Friday. This is a stock to watch for if the bulls take charge next week then $.01 here we come!

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