Special Update (SAEI.OTCBB) Supatcha Resources Inc.

SAEI Puts the Hurt on the Rat Pack Market Makers

Dec 3, 2010 Boca Raton, FL  TheStockwizards.net a free hot penny stocks alert blog newsletter gives  you up to the minute real-time detailed financial information with quotes and chart updates on the OTC-OTCBB, NYSE, and NASDAQ.

saeiSAEI was a number one pick on the TSW Weekly Top 10 watch list this past week. We are updating our subscribers in regards to the rat pack a group of short selling market makers. TSW has now added market maker CSTI officially to the rat pack short selling group.

TSW has noticed that CSTI has taken the place of SSGI for now. CHDN is now working in conjunction with CSTI where before they used to work with SSGI very aggressively.

We want to congratulate the Bulls of SAEI for sticking it to the rat pack and teaching them a lesson. CHDN and CSTI have really gotten creamed on the short covering rally. TSW thinks the longs can really put the hurt on these market makers all the way up to 1.00

TSW normally puts a lot of weight on a 40 million market cap on any stock as far as coming to a top. SAEI is roughly at a 40 million market cap as of this article today.

Keep in mind TSW puts a premium on certain sectors in the small-cap arena. 2 sectors that we will put a premium on is commodities and biotech.

SAEI is in the commodity sector and it is not unusual for these type of stocks to trade up to 100 million market cap. SAEI trading at 1.00 would put it at a 61 million market cap which is very respectable for a stock in this situation.

TSW cannot guarantee that SAEI will trade to 1.00, but it is not unusual for these types of stocks to trade with a high market At its peak.

As long as the strong bulls can keep the pressure on CSTI and CHDN there could be a massive short covering rally at higher levels.

On a Technical Basis SAEI must hold the psychological .50 level into next week. The Bulls must protect this area. It would be healthy for the stock to go sideways for a few days before another big push. We will keep you informed of any further developments in regards to the rat pack trying to short SAEI.

About Supatcha Resources Inc.

Supatcha Resources Inc. is a gold exploration company focused on acquiring and developing mineral properties in Ukraine. Supatcha is in the final stages of acquiring two additional gold mining projects, with world-class potential, in southwestern Ukraine.

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