(Special Report) Is There a New Gold Rush in Small-Cap Stocks? SAEI, HHWW, WLOC, FCPG, NENE

Is This a New Bull Market in Penny Stocks?

Watching the trading action in penny stocks over the last 30 days makes you wonder if we are starting a new bull market in penny stocks.

Heavily traded stocks like FCPG, HHWW, NENE, WLOC made some very nice moves recently and have even forced short short-sellers to rethink their strategies.

A year ago a stock like SAEI would have pullback and continue to go down without any rallies. The stock continues to teach short-sellers a big lesson, and while yes penny stocks will reach a top at a certain point,  there will be a lot of pain for short-sellers trying to pick tops from what we can see happening in this current environment.The longs on SAEI are absolutely teaching market makers CSTI and CHDN a big lesson.

While analyzing the penny stock market on a daily basis TSW has been amazed at the liquidity that is currently in this market! The amount of stocks that we see trading with heavy volume has not been seen in this market for a very long time.

There appears to be  a New Generation of Penny Stock Traders Hitting The Small Cap Market, and this happens from time to time. We have seen this phenomenon of these kinds of cycles over the last 15 years that come and go with penny stocks.

Boom and Bust Cycles For Penny Stocks

When the penny stock environment is hot you have to take advantage of it. In this kind of market this is where you will hear great success stories of how traders and investors will take a $1,000 account and run it up to $50,000 in a short period of time. There is no other market like the penny stocks when we have this kind of trading action.

Stock Selection The Key To Success in Penny Stocks

Following penny stocks is like following the weather report. You have to pay attention to what sectors have the most momentum. In this current environment, gold, energy and oil are the sectors that are hot at the moment. Last year in 2009, biotech and pharmaceuticals were the hot sector. Always pay attention to the penny stock weather report as to what sectors are the leaders. This is very important. Following the TSW weekly top 10 newsletter which is put out every weekend gives you the weather report for penny stocks.

Take advantage of this environment while it lasts. Traders and Investors can make enough money to pay off credit cards, auto loans, or even your mortgage. These cycles do not last very long so pay attention.

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A New Bull Market in Penny Stocks