Atlanta Falcons roll over the Carolina Panthers 31-10

Judging from the empty seats in the Bank of America Stadium , there were very few people willing to brave the cold and wet weather to watch the Atlanta Falcons (11-2) win over the Carolina Panthers (1-12).The Falcons gained more than 100 yards in just the first quarter.   The Falcons showed that when you have the fewest penalties in the NFL, and the fewest turnovers in the NFL, the best third down conversion rate in the NFL and you execute a cohesive game plan you can win.

The Falcons defense and particularly #55 John Abraham were playing some passionate football.  Throughout the game they were getting helmets to the ball.  The Falcons had four sacks in first half of the game alone.  The Atlanta Falcons showed the complete domination of the Carolina Panthers with a score of 31 to 10.

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