Minnesota Vikings Defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 24 to 14

This game was originally scheduled to be played on Sunday night.  However, due to the extreme winter weather that hit the East Coast the game was postponed to Tuesday.  The Vikings came into this game as 14 point underdogs.  The Eagles failed to live up to the hypet.  There were three (3) passes that hit Vikings players in the hands and yet they failed to catch the ball.  Despite these three missed Viking opportunities the Eagles still turned the ball over 3 times.   Based on tonight’s performance Vick has seemingly assured that Brady will win the NFL MVP award.   On the defensive side of the ball the Eagles could not stop Adrian Peterson.  On several occasions he seemed to simply pop out of the crowd. 

The Vikings rookie quarterback, Joe Webb, played like a poised veteran.  This was Webb’s first NFL start and he has apparently thrown his hat in the ring to permanently fill the position.  The Vikings defense brought the blitz against Vick and showed that it can work.   This loss has really hurt the Eagles and now they have a much harder road to travel in order to get to the Super bowl.

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