Entrepreneurs – The Heavy Lifting Up Front with ListYourDeals.com

A couple of partners and I are currently in the middle of a new start up called ListYourDeals.com.

The idea behind ListYourDeals is to bring an entire marketplace of daily deals to local communities.

These daily deals will help businesses bring in new customers, and it will help people of the same community to save money, and put money back into their budget – in essence, a win – win for both businesses and shoppers.

Over the past two months, we’ve had to do a lot of work – a lot of planning, strategy, debating, re-planning, and spending hours sometimes on just one particular point.

Not to mention the development that is going into the construction of ListYourDeal.com – a lot of time, programming, and of course money.

The site is now less than a week away (we hope anyway) from going live, and I wanted to share with you a word of encouragement from an entrepreneurial point of view – regardless of what happens, success or failure, the process has taught me a lot about how to work with a team of leaders in building a new business.

The process has been key – our attitudes through it all have been critical – and the open discussion at every point has been the foundation that has led us this far down the road with ListYourDeals.

If you are not willing to do the heavy lifting up front for a new start up, then I’m pretty confident you won’t see it through to the launch.

And I’m fully expecting that the heavy lifting will be continued upon our launch, and upon the initial growth period that ListYourDeals will have to go through.

But we collectively believe in ListYourDeals.com – what it stands for, and the good it will bring to local communities.

We are passionate about it, and we believe that God has a purpose and plan for it – so that’s enough for us right now to continue pushing forward and give it 100% of our effort to help it become a success.

Question – what startup ventures have you wanted to launch, but haven’t because of the fear of the heavy lifting up front?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and perhaps and provide some encouragement and insight to help you get it started… in whatever way I can!