Daily Deal Search Engine Solves The Problem of Too Many Emails

Startup:  ListYourDeals.com

Problem:  Too many emails from all the daily deal sites that you are subscribed to that are filling up your inbox each morning.

Solution:  A daily deal search engine that allows users to find deals instantly from their computers or mobile phones based on their location, and can be used for fund raising through custom branded search engine pages.

Current partners in the search engine are Groupon, KGB Deals, BuyWithMe, Plum District, and Zozi.


A new start up has taken the concept of the daily deal (think Groupon), and turned it into a search engine to where you can search any zip code in the United States and get daily deals.

Sites included in the search engine currently at Groupon, KGB Deals, Plum District, and Zozi.

Once you enter your zip code at ListYourDeals.com, or use your location on any smartphone or mobile device, deals appear instantly and are sorted from closest to furthest to where you are currently standing.

This is pretty freakin’ sweet if you ask me…

You can even create daily email alerts based on your location and keywords.  For example, let’s say you wanted spa deals in 90210.  You’d get a daily email from any of the partnering sites that are running a spa deal in that zip code.

And now the cool part about ListYourDeals.com – Charity Fund Raising

What’s interesting about the daily deal search engine is that they are targeting non-profits, groups, and other organizations that are looking to raise funds.

Here’s how it would work:

Let’s say a high school in Atlanta has a fund raising campaign coming up.  ListYourDeals.com would build the high school a page that is customized to their school logo, colors, etc… and this page would that high school’s unique search engine page.

Now, anytime a search is made from that high school’s search engine page and a deal is purchased, a portion of ListYourDeals profits go back to that high school.

The high school’s incentive is to promote the heck out their search engine page – sharing it on Facebook, telling their parents, friends, etc… – to get as many people to buy deals from the partner’s daily deal sites as possible.  The more deals are purchased through the high school’s search engine, the more money the high school raises.

This concept works the same for any non-profit, local or national.

It’s all 100% free

The non-profit or group doesn’t have to pay anything to launch their daily deal search engine.  ListYourDeals.com will build their search engine and host it absolutely free.

A daily deal search engine is a great concept because:

1)  Being able to search for deals based on your zip code, or from your mobile phone, helps alleviate the massive amounts of email you get from all the daily deal sites currently.  Simply use ListYourDeals.com for all your daily deal purchases.

2)  On your mobile phone, you don’t even have to search.  Just point your mobile browser to listyourdeals.com and use your location – deals will load instantly from closest to furthest away.  And the mobile site works on just about every mobile device available – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones & tablets, Kindle… you name it, the site will load on it.

3)  Using a search engine for charities and fund raising allows organizations to encourage people to search for deals they are probably already purchasing, there’s just the extra incentive to use ListYourDeals.com because the organization will now be raising money from each purchase.

Check out ListYourDeals.com for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.