Boston Bomber Social Profile – Registered at Umass Dartmouth


Umass Dartmouth – Helicopters – On Lockdown


The bomber who is still alive, Djohar Tsarnaev, went to school at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  This is very shocking to me, especially after going to school there and the fact that it’s only 10 minutes from us.  The school is now being evacuated after the news that he is on the run and was registered as a student, staying on campus.  What’s chilling, is the fact that people are posting on the bombers social profile, and after translating in Google Chrome, you can see some chilling remarks.  Here is the bomber on the loose along with his social profile…

Bomber Still Alive, On the loose


Bombers Social Media Profile (VK – Similar to Facebook)

bomber vk social profile

His VK Social Profile:

This is the bomber who is now DEAD at 26 years of Age: