Why advertise on Social Media SEO?

Social Media SEO (SMSEO) received over 200,000 page views last month (September 2010).  The majority of our readers are people interested in social media (Facebook and Twitter), SEO (search optimization), and gadgets such as iPads, iPhones, Droid phones, etc…

Our growth rate is through the roof!  We were just ranked #6 on the Top 50 Social Media Blogs on the web, outranking prominent blogs such as CopyBlogger.comChris PirilloChris Brogan, and others… (learn more here).

SMSEO has a very active, and fast growing Facebook Fan Page with over 5000 fans. There are also around 3000 Twitter followers.  I believe in having a genuine “conversation” within Facebook where SMSEO readers can actively engage with the content, and with each other. That’s why all of articles are syndicated, shared, and discussed with thousands of people a day on Facebook.

Of the referring traffic, Google is our #1 referral source, then Facebook, and then Twitter.  All of our content, as I mentioned, is syndicated through both through Facebook and Twitter.

Currently, our ad 330pixel blocks are taken, however we still have a horizontal banner as well as the possibility of featured blog posts. Each ad will be viewable upon every pageview throughout the site, which means non-stop exposure to visitors.

Inquire About Social Media Advertising!

To inquire about any of our existing advertising opportunities, please contact via the information below:

Email: admin@socialmediaseo.net