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Two Women Shoot Twerking Video On Subway Tracks

Two women posted a YoutTube video on Monday taking Twerking to a whole new level.  The women twerked over subway tracks and posted a video of the act, although it is unknown where the subway twerk was located.  If you … Continued

Eagle Grabs Baby Video : Is it Real or Fake?

eagle picks up baby

The latest viral video shows a baby getting picked up by an eagle caught on video.  The eagle seems to be coasting then out of nowhere glides in to snatch the baby while it’s sitting next to his mother.  This … Continued

Aaron’s Last Wish : Donate $500 Tip For Pizza

It’s amazing how social media and strangers can join forces to raise money for a good cause.  Aaron’s last wish, out of only three, was for his family to leave a $500 for waiter/waitress after having pizza.  Read the brief … Continued