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Apple iPad’s Back on Shelves in Shanghai, China

Last week Apple had a scare as Proview Technology (Shenzhen) had filed a trademark infringement case stating that they owned the “iPad” trademark before Apple did in China.  The iPad’s started to disappear from shelves because all retailers had to … Continued

Amazon Tablet Will Be iPad’s Biggest Competitor

Exactly when the Amazon tablet is going to hit the market is unknown at this point.  Most speculation puts Amazon releasing their Android tablet sometime in October.  With analysts expecting Amazon to sell nearly 5 million units of their tablet … Continued

HP TouchPad Price Dramatically Slashed

In the wake of the announcement that HP would cease production of the HP TouchPad tablet, and cease development of the WebOS operating system that powers it, HP is dramatically slashing prices on the device. This effort is to, basically, … Continued