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Montgomery County (MoCo) Employees Allowed Access To Facebook

I see a bad storm brewing here with this one! According to Montgomery County employees claim that they “need” Facebook to conduct county business.  Of course, no personal interaction will happen during business hours, right…? So you think that your taxpayer money was being squandered before – now your county employees have Facebook on […]

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Why Google Trends Is A Lagging Indicator Behind Twitter Trends

Recently I’ve been interested in comparing Google Trends and Twitter Trends, and what I’ve found is there is really no comparison whatsoever! What I find is the following: Google Trends:  A lagging indicator of what is popular on the web.  As blogs, Twitter, and other content sites launch breaking news, the word spreads and then […]

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GM Turns To Ebay To Help Sell Cars – Starting Tuesday in California

I have to give credit to GM (General Motors) for considering using Ebay to increase new call sales. According to a CNBC article today, GM is now turning to eBay in an experimental effort to increase sales. And the starting point for the experiment is California.

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UFC 101 – Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin Video Found On Twitter, Not YouTube

So here I am, wanting to check out the results of the UFC 101 fight between Anderson Siva and Forrest Griffin and I did what any reasonably minded person would do – I went to YouTube! I mean, if there’s a relevant video out there, surely I could find it on YouTube right? WRONG

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Twitter Launches NFL Football With Bills vs. Titans & Vince Young

Well, if you wanted an early indication of the impact that Twitter will have on the upcoming football season, take a look at the trending topics at 9:30pm eastern time: 4 out of the 6 trending topics are directly related to the Bills / Titan game making reference to “NFL” “Football” “Bills” and “Vince Young”. […]

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How To Cut, Copy, & Paste With iPhone 3.0

** There is a video below on how to “cut, copy, and paste” on the iPhone 3.0. There are many different ways to cut, copy, and paste with the iPhone 3.0.  The best thing is that you don’t need to have the newest iPhone 3GS to use it, just upgrade your old iPhone to 3.0 […]


Google Voices Will Find A Way Onto The iPhone

Despite all the recent issues, Google Voice will soon be available on the iPhone, but as a web-based app, according to the The New York Times. Google originally tried to get on the iPhone as an app through Apple’s App Store, but was rejected by Apple.  I wrote an article about how I believe that AT&T […]