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Harrison Ford’s Near Plane Crash Video Footage Released

harrison ford near plane crash video

On February 13th, Harrison Ford was landing his yellow single-engine plane and misjudged his landing when he came within meters of a 737 passenger airliner sitting on the taxiway in California.  The 74-year-old actor communicated with the air traffic control … Continued

Medical Jet Crash : 2 Dead 2 Missing

The Coast Guard is searching for 2 missing people after a medical jet crash left two killed not far from the Florida  coast. The medical jet crash occurred shortly after the Learjet took off from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.  At … Continued

LaGuardia Crash Landing Due To Gear Failure Injures 16

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 jetliner carrying 150 people had a crash landing on Monday night as its landing gear under the nose collapsed. Southwest Airlines flight 345 was arriving in New York City, LaGuardia from Nashville, Tennessee at 5.40 … Continued

Asiana Airlines Fake Pilot Names

Asiana Airline Seeks Legal Approach Asiana Airlines which is a South Korean airline seeks redress in court over the listing of fake names by a San Francisco television station. Additionally, the same airline firm said on Sunday that it was … Continued

Asiana Jet Crash in San Francisco

Last Saturday, an Asiana Airlines plane crashed killing two people and hurting 168 at San Francisco’s International Airport. The Boeing 777 had originated in Shanghai and stopped in Seoul as it made it’s final stretch to San Francisco carrying 307 … Continued