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Alejandra Jonas – Jonas Brother Fan from Chile

Alejandra Jonas The web has become fascinated with this story coming up out the earthquake reckage in Chile. A girl named Alejandra Jonas passed away in the Chile earthquake over the weekend, and was found today wearing a Jonas brothers … Continued

Chile Earthquake Shifts Earth Axis {VIDEO}

Chile Earthquake Shifts Earth Axis Andreas Rietbrock, a professor of Earth Sciences at Liverpool University in the U.K., talks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker about the impact of the Chilean earthquake on the Earth’s axis and length of day. Here’s the … Continued

Google Person Finder: Chile Earthquake

Google has put the power of its search engine to work to help in with the relief efforts in Chile.  The Google Person Finder: Chile Earthquake allows people who are looking for someone to quickly connect with someone who has … Continued

Chile Earthquake Photos Shared on Twitter

Twitter has once again proved itself to be an intricate platform for quickly sharing news, information, and photos during a disaster.  The 8.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked Chile certainly shut down power throughout much of Santiago.  However, this did not … Continued

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center – Latest Tsunami News

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is part of The National Weather Service that provides real time updates on Tsunami information around the world.  You can stay up to date with the latest Tsunami information and what’s happening in the Pacific … Continued