China Now Requires an ID To Purchase a Cell Phone

In a move that seems more like “controlling the population” than it does about selling cell phones, the Chinese government today ruled that anyone in China purchasing a cell phone will be required to have an ID. Some people may … Continued

iPhone Will Become #1 Mobile Phone In China

China’s iPhone Revolution China had about 720 million mobile-phone subscribers at the end of September, according to government data. And millions of new iPhone users are being added everyday in China! The cost of a new iPhone in China, however, … Continued

Google Gets Beat Out By Baidu in China Market

Google was handed a clear defeat on Monday when Chinese search engine Baidu announced they would pre-install many of its popular search services on next-generation mobile phones. The mobile phone market is targeted by Google as the next frontier on … Continued

iPhone Black Market in China is Booming

So China doesn’t want to officially bring in 5 million iPhones and sell them legitimately?  That’s fine, because China already has a booming black market for the iPhone! The iPhone, known as the “Ai Feng” (“Crazy Love”) is growing quite … Continued