Mark Zuckerberg’s Statement on PRISM

United States citizens have been suspicious of many governmental agencies and they access to personal information. Many individuals place the blame directly in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg who is the CEO of Facebook. Sources claim that Facebook is one … Continued

Facebook to Twitter

facebook to twitter

How to post a Facebook post automatically to your Twitter Account So you’re looking for an automatic method to post your Facebook status to your Twitter account?  It’s really easier than you think.  Here are the direct steps to get … Continued

Facebook Chain Status Updates Need to Stop! Help!

facebook chain status updates

The Plain Dumb Website posted a funny article that may go viral.  It’s about the new trend of Facebook users who have a problem of chain posting, like the old email chains.  They post status updates that show concern, care, … Continued

Dumbest Facebook Post Ever?

dumbest facebook post ever

You be the judge, but I think this could be the dumbest Facebook wall post ever.  Just read through and I’m sure you’ll find it pretty amusing.  I think the fact that the girl who posted the update is so … Continued