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Antibacterial scrubs might be worse than plain soap

On Monday the FDA told antibacterial soap manufacturers would have to prove that their soap was better than regular soap if their proposal is finalized. “Antibacterial soaps and body washes are used widely and frequently by consumers in everyday home, … Continued

First Juice & the FDA

First Juice and the FDA. Earlier we told you how the Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on corporations that promote their products by making “health” claims in their advertising and labeling. Well, the maker of First Juice has … Continued

Minute Maid Enhanced Chilled Juices

Minute Maid Enhanced Chilled Juices. $1.59 per 12 ounce, single-serve bottle is what Minute Maid is suggesting for their three new Enhanced Chilled Juices and Juice Drinks.  This coming at a time when the whole bottled juice industry saw a … Continued

Acai Berry, pomegranate juice, mangosteen-and the FDA

Acai Berry, pomegranate juice, mangosteen- and the FDA. Acai Berry, Pomegranate juice, Mangosteen juice, etc.  They all claim a deep luscious taste and healthy nutritional value. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set their sights on “functional” beverage producers. … Continued

Lettuce Recall as E. Coli corrupts

This could turn you into this. No we cannot change into giant lettuce heads, but after an E. Coli outbreak we should watch what we eat. 19 people or more are currently ill which has sparked the FDA to hunt … Continued