Gets A PR8

I’m surprised I didn’t catch this earlier, and if someone from Mashable is reading this they are probably laughing at me.  But I just noticed that now has a PR8 (PageRank of 8). What’s PageRank you ask?  According to … Continued

Does Google PageRank (PR) Still Matter? I say ‘Yes’

Does PageRank Really Matter Anymore? I say ‘Yes’ I keep hearing comments from people saying that Google PageRank doesn’t matter anymore. Why doesn’t PageRank matter anymore, you might be asking – well because Google says so, that’s why. But my … Continued

Google Officially Add ‘Site Speed’ Ranking Factor

Google Officially Add ‘Speed’ Ranking Factor I wrote back in November about Google’s idea of adding “site speed” to their already complex algorithm that determines website rankings in the Google search results.

Google PageRank Updates – What’s Your PageRank?

Google PageRank Update For those of you that follow your Google PageRank, you might have gotten a good surprise today (or bad, depending…) Google’s PageRank seems to have updated on the Google Toolbar. A lot of webmasters and SEO’s follow … Continued