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Google Nexus One Officially Gone From Google Store

Seven months ago Google decided to launch their own mobile phone, the Nexus One. But instead of working through carriers like AT&T or Verizon, Google decided instead to take on the challenge by themselves. But this ultimately ended up on … Continued

Nexus One News – Cases & Covers Coming to T-Mobile

Very soon, you may be able to purchase accessories such as cases and covers for your Nexus One phone at T-Mobile. According to TmoToday, T-Mobile has been receiving new shipments of Nexus One phone accessories. However, T-Mobile isn’t the only … Continued

Is Nexus One Leading The Mobile Revolution?

The Diversity of the Nexus One I believe we are in the midst of a mobile revolution. Mobile phones (iPhone, Nexus One, Blackberry, etc…) and now mobile devices (i.e. iPad, HP Slate, etc…) are starting to dominate the mobile landscape. … Continued

HTC Incredible & Nexus One Heading To Verizon?

HTC Incredible & Nexus One Heading To Verizon Verizon is determined to the be carrier that is facilitating the mobile revolution. Earlier today I wrote about how Verizon may have hinted via Twitter that the HTC Incredible was about to … Continued

Is AT&T Getting Ready For Google’s Nexus One?

The Nexus One was Google’s way of breaking free from the confines of mobile carriers that sold phones running on the Google Android OS.  Of course, just having a lot of different phones running your operating system seemed like a … Continued

Google Disappoints With Nexus One Sales {CHART}

Since the Nexus One mobile phone launch on January 5th, Google has seen less than stellar sales figures.  According to, only 20,000 units were during that first week.  Let’s compare for a moment to the iPhone 3GS first week … Continued