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Novell Pulse and Google Wave (Video Demo)

Novell Pulse and Google Wave (Video Demo) Without completely boring you with the technical details of how Novell is leveraging the Google Wave open source federation, it is probably better just to show you the video demonstration. Check out this … Continued

Talk Live In Google Wave With VoiceChat

VoiceChat is an amazing new application that integrates with Google Wave.  Before VoiceChat, Wave’s were communicated and followed via text – a lot like a chat room or live streaming document. But with VoiceChat, you are now able to create … Continued

I Think TechCrunch Is Wrong…

TechCrunch is one of my all time favorite sites on the web, and yesterday they had a great article about how you can access Google Wave on your iPhone right now – without needing an invite from Google. This is … Continued

Google Wave Users Get Support via Twitter

Perhaps Twitter will find it’s maximum utility in helping businesses provide customer service.  And amazingly, we are seeing this unfold directly with Google Wave. I follow Steph Hannon, a Google Wave Engineer, on Twitter (@twephanie).  And about 6 hours ago … Continued