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Bill Clinton Has Emergency Heart Surgery

Last night, former President Bill Clinton was rushed to a hospital by ambulance to undergo emergency heart surgery.  This happened after Bill Clinton was complaining of chest pains throughout the day yesterday. Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton and current … Continued

15 Day Old Baby Found Alive In The Rubble of Haiti

A 15 day old infant was discovered alive, and rescued, after going 8 days without food or water in a collapsed home, according to Literally half of the babies life was spent under a crumbled house in Haiti. Here’s more … Continued

Cruise Ships Continue Taking Passengers To Haiti

This is amazing – despite the devastation that has struck Port-au-Prince, Royal Caribbean International cruise ships are still ferrying passengers to Haiti.  Really?  Cruises are still landing in Haiti?  That’s unbelievable to me!  Can we give the people in Haiti … Continued

Port-au-Prince, Haiti Before The Earthquake [video]

This video was featured on CitizenTube – an off-shoot of YouTube that provides news footage shot by citizen journalists.  This video shows a Japanese tourist walking through the busy streets of Port-au-Prince during a normal day in the life in … Continued