Sprint’s 4G WiMAX Lights Up In San Francisco

Last week, Sprint released news stating that their 4G WiMAX network would be coming to New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Well just yesterday, people were reporting from San Francisco that they see 4G lighting up on their 4G … Continued

AT&T’s Dell Streak On Sale Tomorrow?

Ready for a 5 inch touch screen mobile phone! The widely discussed Dell Streak is going to be available for purchase tomorrow on the Dell website. Signups for pre-orders have stopped, but you can move right on up to purchasing … Continued

Verizon 4G Laptop Cards Here By Christmas?

The race to 4G dominance is a fast and furious one. Sprint has been leading with the Sprint 4G network and the first 4G mobile phone – that being the HTC EVO 4G. But just because Sprint was first, doesn’t … Continued

Apple Is Deleting iPhone 4 Discussions

In an effort to stifle negative content from gushing onto the web about Consumer Reports iPhone 4 review, Apple has decided it will just go ahead and delete the discussions altogether. The Consumer Reports review of the iPhone 4 ended … Continued