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I Just Don’t Get It, Microsoft!!??

I’m so perplexed right now that my head is spinning! Microsoft released the latest version of Internet Explorer – IE9 – but there are so many stipulations, and so much drama, associated with it that I’m baffled… quite frankly, baffled. … Continued

Firefox 4 Buries IE 9 In First 24 Hour Downloads

Microsoft may have gotten a head start with its latest browser, but after less than a day of availability, the new offering from Mozilla already has more downloads–all of this according to the latest numbers from Web analytics site, StatCounter. … Continued

Microsoft Says No IE9 Testing on Windows XP

Microsoft announced on Thursday that they will release a public beta version of IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) on September 15th but that the release will not be sent to Windows XP users, only Windows 7 and Windows Vista users will … Continued

Microsoft Uses Gmail for Internet Explorer 9 Video

Internet Explorer 9 Demo video uses Gmail Wouldn’t you think that if Microsoft was going to do a presentation on Internet Explorer 9 they would use Microsoft products like Outlook, Excel, and IE in their demo video?