The Evolution of Apple’s iOS

The iPhone is continually evolving to a more efficient phone after each release.  Some releases may not have had too many differences, but what I like best about Apple is how they don’t change too much at once.  They keep … Continued

How to Add a New Reminder on IOS7

In the past IOS you would click on a “plus” symbol to add a new reminder to a list.  On IOS7 it seems this is missing.  It’s missing for an obvious reason to some, but not so obvious to others.  … Continued

IOS 7 Release Date : Here’s How to Update

It’s ok, you can relax now, the IOS 7 release date has come.  It should be available sometime today for everyone to download.  I have heard rumors of it being available on the East Coast at around noon, so adjust … Continued

All new IOS 7 on September 18

Apple has always been the brand setting high standards in the smartphone arena. Whether it be swanky features in its each new ios or startling looks of the iPhone, Apple has been setting the benchmark to compete with. But with … Continued