Do We Really Need All These Apps?

I can’t help but wonder if the age of app domination is a going to become a thing of the past.  Billions of apps are downloaded to devices such as the iPhone, Android smartphones, and iPad.  But is it all … Continued

Apple Starts 7 Day Return Policy for Apps in Taiwan

It’s the start of something new for Apple regarding app purchases.  On Friday, Apple launched a 7-day return policy in Taiwan for app purchases make through the iTunes App Store.  This will give customers in Taiwan 7 days to return … Continued

11 Pages Of Apps Max on iPhone 3GS

Ok, so first let me premise this with the fact that I have four kids who all love my iPhone – one actually has an iPhone, so I’m still trying to figure out why mine is so much cooler. Anyway, … Continued

Check Out These “Magical” iPhone Apps

These are some pretty cool iPhone apps for someone that just bought an iPhone. From the “drinking” app to an app that actually spits out money – check em’ out below.

Microsoft’s OneNote iPhone App, Again… Fail

Microsoft finally decided to take some of the billions of dollars in their coffers and pay a developer to build them an iPhone app. That’s exactly what they did, and so they just launched the One Note iPhone app. OneNote … Continued