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Harrison Ford’s Near Plane Crash Video Footage Released

harrison ford near plane crash video

On February 13th, Harrison Ford was landing his yellow single-engine plane and misjudged his landing when he came within meters of a 737 passenger airliner sitting on the taxiway in California.  The 74-year-old actor communicated with the air traffic control … Continued

LaGuardia Crash Landing Due To Gear Failure Injures 16

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 jetliner carrying 150 people had a crash landing on Monday night as its landing gear under the nose collapsed. Southwest Airlines flight 345 was arriving in New York City, LaGuardia from Nashville, Tennessee at 5.40 … Continued

Asiana Airlines Fake Pilot Names

Asiana Airline Seeks Legal Approach Asiana Airlines which is a South Korean airline seeks redress in court over the listing of fake names by a San Francisco television station. Additionally, the same airline firm said on Sunday that it was … Continued