Why Has Search Growth Stalled?

Taking a look at a Business Insider chart today I noticed something strange about the overall search market. There’s the obvious, that Google dominates the search landscape. But there’s another interesting take a way by looking at the chart below, … Continued

Google Instant Search, Get Results As You Type (Video)

This is something I’ve meaning to write about all day yesterday, but unfortunately haven’t had the chance. But Google’s search engine is now producing real time searches that are instant, showing results as you type. It’s called Google Instant search. … Continued

Yahoo Marries Google in Japan

Hold onto your mouse, and make sure your keyboard is stable! Yahoo announced today that it will use Google technology to power its Yahoo Japan search engine and ad delivery system. This was attempted before in the US until the … Continued

The Best Strategy For Better Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Ranking Strategy If you were to ask 100 people – what’s the best way to increase your website’s ranking in Google? – you’d more than likely get a wide range of answers.  From commenting on other people’s blogs … Continued