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A Robot That Flies Like A Bird (Video)

Check this out, a robot that flies just like your everyday seagull.  This robot wow’d the crowd at TEDGlobal 2011 when it took off, started flapping its wings, and actually took to flight. Here’s the demo of the flying robot … Continued

Google Video Chat Coming To Android

Google just announced plans to launch video chat for Android smartphones.  This is a big deal for Android, especially in light of the mobile video chat competition coming from Apple’s FaceTime app running on iPhones and iPads. The major difference … Continued

Yahoo Overtakes Facebook As #2 Video Site

Depending on what month you check will depend on who holds the #2 and #3 video sites on the web. Back on September 30th, I wrote about how Facebook was the #2 video site in the United States. Now today, … Continued