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Men Save Greenland Shark Choking on a Moose

This is one of those WTF stories. Over the weekend a man saved a Greenland shark when he noticed the shark “panting” and coming very close to shore.  Naturally he thought it was a whale beaching itself, but then when … Continued

Utah Woman Gives Birth to Giant 14-Pound Baby

A giant 14-pound baby was born in Utah and may bethe largest newborn in the U.S. The 14-pound baby, named Joel Brandon Jr., or “J.J.” for short, was delivered by cesarean section last May, shocking everyone.  The baby boy was … Continued

Wendys Frosty Licker Picture

We are no stranger to hearing gross and disturbing happenings that occur at fast food restaurants, but this latest one might top the charts. A Wendy’s employee was caught filling his mouth up with ice cream from the Frosty machine … Continued

Two-Faced Kitten Miracle Birth

This story is unlike any you have ever heard; a true little medical miracle. Kitten Duecy, known as the two-faced kitten was born Tuesday June at 6:11 am. She is a Janus cat, born with Diprosopus, which is a genetic … Continued

Woman in Chicago gets arrested 396 times

Shermain Miles gets arrested once again. The count goes up to 396 times now. This woman was first arrested in 1978, when she was 16 years old. Since then, she’s been caught at least 92 times for theft, 59 for … Continued