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Viral Elderly Couple Testing New Webcam Video

viral old couple webcam video

There’s a video going viral very quick of  sweet elderly couple testing out their new webcam.  They don’t seem to notice they are being recorded and keep talking trying to figure out how to take a picture on the computer.  … Continued

YouTube Reaches 1 Billion Video Subscribers

When it comes to YouTube, it seems that every new milestone has the word “billion” it. Lady Gaga just hit 1 billion views, Youtube videos are watched over 2 billion times a day, etc… Well Youtube just hit a new … Continued

Gay Marriage Trial To Be Broadcast on YouTube

The accessibility of information is finding new ways to get into the public forum.  With the easy of live broadcasting, and uploading of video and other content to the web, “events” that otherwise would go unnoticed except for a local … Continued