Heidi Montag’s Back Scoop Surgery (Image)

What is back scoop surgery?

Let me first say that this procedure sounds terribly disgusting and is probably that last thing in the world I would ever want to experience. But nonetheless, Hollywood stars are probably paying millions of dollars for the back scoop surgery, since we only ever hear about the back scoop surgery from Hollywood.

Back Scoop Surgery

According to a certified plastic surgeon, “back scoop” surgery involves a liposuction of fats that usually involves body parts from the hips up to the shoulders.

So back scoop surgery sucks fat out of your body from your butt up to your shoulders – really?

Anyway, Heidi Montag, the Hills Star who is obessessed in having plastic surgery, just had “back scoop plastic surgery” and the web is blowing up over this incident.

Here’s an image of Heidi Montag’s back – although I have no idea if this is before or after she had her back scoop surgery:

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