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Coronavirus New York Cases – It’s getting out of control

A positive case of coronavirus in New York, after a nursing home resident died in Washington state, which indicates that the virus had moved from the West to the East Coast Coronavirus in New York and other States As of now, there are more than 92,743 cases in Washington State in U.S. and even more […]

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Down Jones is Dropping Low – Corona Virus is to Blame

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) slumped more than 1000 points as a result of the number of infected from novel coronavirus have soared high. In addition, this is considered to be the worst drop in a single day for the past 2 years and the third-worst drop in its 124 years long history. As […]

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40+ Web Tools And Services That Are 100% Efficient

There is a huge difference between web tools, even for the same price. In this article we included 40+ web tools and services that are 100% efficient. What does 100% efficient means? First, is important you to know that all of these solutions are having the best return of investment. Second, we included only solutions […]

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Manchester City is out of UEFA Championship

Today we had the opportunity to witness one of the cruelest measures in UEFA club competitions – Manchester City has been banned from the UEFA Champions and UEFA Europa Leagues for 2 years! The shocking decision of UEFA resulted in anger and fury for the Manchester City fans. However, in all honesty, this ban might […]

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Celebration Time – JetBlue is Up for 20 Years

As one of the industry’s most convenient airlines, JetBlue is offering a special surprise for its loyal customers. The well-known company is celebrating 20 years in the business, over which it made a great reputation as one of the most affordable airlines. For that occasion, JetBlue’s representatives have decided to give their customers a unique […]


3 Great Ways To Speed Up Your Workflow

Software development is an exciting field with a lot of opportunities, but with opportunity comes pressure. Whether it’s the pressure to perform creatively, quickly, or both, it’s there, from crunch to deadlines to expectations for the next big pitch. Managing your workflow and staying sane in this environment comes down to figuring out where you […]

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AMD Stock is Falling Down – Poor Management is to blame

Certainly not expected, an AMD stock fell after the market closed on Tuesday. The Advanced Micro Devices, or so-called AMD, company is suffering a proportional loss of stocks. Namely, this happened due to the fact that their management struggles with the choices they made. Even though they had a good couple of years in the […]